All I want for Christmas…is to not get FAT.


The struggle is real and it happens every year.  Avoiding all those extra calories during the holidays is a never ending battle.  There are those office Christmas parties with food and booze galore, celebrations with friends and family, and oh so many gifts of treats.  Let us also not forget that evil co-worker who constantly brings sweet treats to share at the office (you know who you are).

So what is one to do?

  • Getting to the gym more is almost impossible.  Have you seen your schedule?
  • Saying no is out the window … because who has that kind of will power.
  • Cutting yourself off altogether would be just downright MEAN!

So if you can’t stop yourself, go ahead and eat and drink those extra calories.  Just avoid getting fat by making better choices.  We’ll even help you out by giving you some examples.  (Thanks to our friends at “Eat This, Not That” for the suggestions)


When you visit the bar for a glass of wine at your holiday party,  ask for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  The white wine is lower in calories and alcohol than most other wines.  It would be best to avoid Zinfandel, since the grapes used to make it have a higher sugar content.


If wine isn’t your thing and you prefer a mixed cocktail, be sure to order a vodka soda with lime. At just 120 calories and 0g fat, it is a much better option than things like a Chocolate Martini (330 calories, 6g fat).


This is a spot that gets many of us in trouble.  Lots of socializing can make you hungry, especially when the wait for that big holiday meal seems to last.  When you reach for that appetizer, make sure to avoid things like pigs in a blanket (4 pieces = 533 calories, 33g fat) or swedish meatballs (4 pieces = 320 calories, 16g fat).  Instead, opt for something like shrimp cocktail (about 100 calories per serving) or hummus dip with vegetables from the veggie tray.

DINNER PROTEINadult-blur-bread-rolls-1631893

Believe it or not, baked ham is actually your best option when it comes to a healthier protein at dinner time. Four ounces of baked ham comes in at about 148 calories and 4 grams of fat (0g saturated fat).  That is a much better option than prime rib (400 calories, 23g fat/8g saturated) or skinless dark turkey meat (185 calories, 8.7g fat/2.7g saturated).

That about covers better choices when eating, but here are a few more tips for avoiding holiday weight gain…

  • Get Plenty of Sleep:  Sleep deprivation is common during the holidays, and it may cause weight gain. This is because those who do not sleep enough tend to be hungrier, consume more calories and get less physical activity.
  • Eat More Fiber:  Fiber rich foods will make you feel fuller so make sure to include vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, into your meals.
  • Don’t Miss Meals: Skipping breakfast or lunch in order to “save your appetite” probably isn’t the best tactic. Not eating until the afternoon may lead to binge eating later on.
  • Eat Like You Are At A Restaurant: Serve your food in the kitchen instead of bringing bowls of goodness to the dinner table.  Keeping the food out of easy reach will help you stop and think if you really need that second helping.

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